I’m a software developer, specialized in LAMP platform.My area of interest includes web development, learning computer languages and supporting opensource technologies.

About this Blog

This blog is about PHP and its related technologies.


  • PHP WebClient – was implemented to intract with the JAVA based business layer.It dynamically generates HTML output from XML input files, meaning we can also implement the same web client by modifying the business layer and XML inputs to multiple applications.
  • ArtAuction – is an online aution project for selling art gallery paintings.
  • PHPSplashBoard – is a PHP resource website Developed & Moderated by me.
  • SmartCRUD – Its a smarty based code generator.


  • SEOTools – is an integrated free online Search Engine Optimization tools.

Contact me

Please use one of the following e-mail addresses.For Consulting & Job related, phpinbox [at] gmail [dot] comFor PHP Help & Guidance, info [at] phpsplashboard [dot] com.